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Introducing the Institute of Technology at North Star campus ‘Inspiring the Next Generation of Digital visionaries’

New College Swindon was one of 12 colleges in the UK to have been given the go ahead from the Department of Education to  launch an Institute of Technology at the North Star campus in Swindon.

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An Institute of Technology (IoT) is a collaboration between Further Education (FE) providers, universities and employers. 

The IoT will be a high quality employer-led training facility delivering high level technical and digital skills training for young people and to those already in employment. The IoT will specialise in delivering higher technical education providing students with a clear route to technical employment, and employers with a skilled workforce.
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Digital and Computer Science
Full Time, ​Part Time Courses

Science and Health Related Professions
Apprenticeship Courses

Business and Management
Full Time, Part Time Courses

Engineering Manufacturing
and Associated Professions

Full Time, Part Time Courses

Creative and Media Professions
Apprenticeships, Full Time,Part Time Courses

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Partners and Stakeholders

​​The New College Swindon  IoT specialises in Engineering, Manufacturing, Science, Health, Creative and Media, Digital and Computer Science, and Business Management professions. The IoT is advised by a group of employers and stakeholders to ensure that it is employer-led and responds to the needs in our region.


Many students in the region are expected to benefit from expertise of the Institute which will be an inclusive centre for technical qualifications, higher apprenticeships, and training to plug the gap between demand and supply for key technical and digital roles. This will also open many avenues for more high-quality apprenticeship opportunities. 

The Institute of Technology is a region-wide collaboration between the following partners and stakeholders:

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Why should you choose to enhance your skills here in Swindon?


The answer is simple really, this Wiltshire based location is becoming a hub for world leading businesses and is
one of the UK’s main centres of innovation, which is opening up opportunities locally. 

It is also a great place for start-ups and small businesses to get their footing in their chosen industries. This is because like many of the UK's important towns and cities, Swindon is accessibly located in the M4 Corridor and is only a short travel time from other cities and towns such as London, Reading, Bristol, Oxford, Cardiff, Bath, Cheltenham and many other places in the Wiltshire and the South West. 

Though technically a town, Swindon was also included on a list of 5 ‘Fast Growth Cities’ by Centre for Cities in 2019.

Find the Swindon and Wiltshire Institute of Technology at North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1DY, United Kingdom.



The transition to establish a centre of excellence for the Institute of Technology in Swindon is a prospect
that will transform the skill sets and assets of the town. 

We have responded collaboratively to the need and opportunity in our region, growing as we do from a strong manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceutical and digital base. Our main campus is in Swindon where one in three employers are facing skills gaps and progression into higher education from the age of 18 is at a low. 

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The vision for this is to combine the foundations and history of one of the college’s current buildings to restore Swindon’s traditional home of technology training at North Star.

This will comprise of turning 5500m2 into a modern institute with the latest equipment to train our students and apprentices to benefit from well-paid local employment. 

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