One Vision: Collaborating for Excellence at SAWIOT

We are dedicated to building strong partnerships with employers across various STEM industries, nurturing a community where innovation, skills development, and career readiness thrive. We understand the challenges businesses face in finding skilled professionals who can drive growth and adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation. Our mission is to bridge this gap, providing employers with direct access to a pool of talent equipped with the latest technical knowledge and soft skills needed in today’s competitive environment. As an employer partner, you can also play a key role in shaping the content and delivery of our courses, ensuring that the meet your needs now and in the future.

Our offering

Tailored Training Solutions

We collaborate with employers to deliver bespoke and agile training programmes that meet specific industry needs, ensuring your workforce stays ahead of technological advancements and industry standards.


Leverage our high-quality apprenticeship schemes to mould your ideal workforce. Our courses blend cutting-edge academic learning with practical workplace skills, allowing you to upskill existing staff or create a pipeline of new talent who are ready to hit the ground running.

Access to Innovation and Research

Partner with us to tap into our industry-leading facilities, research capabilities, and innovative projects and opportunities. We encourage collaborations that push the boundaries of technology and offer real-world solutions to industry challenges.

Recruitment Opportunities

Engage with our talented pool of students and graduates through career fairs, work experience, and direct recruitment services. We facilitate connections that help you find the right talent to fuel your business growth.

Networking and Events

Join our vibrant community of business leaders, innovators, and educators at our events, workshops, and Careers Extra forums. These opportunities inspire collaboration, share knowledge, and spark innovation across sectors.

Get Involved

Your business can benefit from the SAWIOT community. Whether through partnerships, apprenticeships, recruitment, or collaborative projects, your involvement is key to our mutual success. Join us in shaping the future of industry and education, creating a workforce that is not only ready for tomorrow’s challenges but also capable of leading the change.

Together, we can create a future where innovation, skill, and technology drive success for everyone.

For more information or to discuss partnership opportunities, reach out to our team on
T: 01793 491591
E: employers@sawiot.ac.uk