Driving Dreams: Business student trip to Morgan Motors unveils automotive marvels


At New College Swindon, our business education goes beyond the textbooks. Students explore diverse businesses, gaining firsthand insights into internal operations, production processes, and overall business functions. Witnessing unique production lines enhances their comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Last week, Business Management HND students visited Morgan Motors production facility, just outside Worcester. Despite the weather, students gained hands-on experience of a non-automated, entirely handmade production line. A valuable insight into meticulous craftsmanship.

Morgan Motors provide exclusive, fully customisable vehicles with a vintage charm, paired with exceptional quality and performance. Each car is meticulously handmade, tailored to customer specifications.


At the start, the engine and basic frame are assembled. The interior gets a steering wheel, wooden supports, and metal strips. The exterior is polished, wheels added, and it’s prepared for painting. Wood treatment and assembly follow. Finally, seats and embroidery are added, and it’s painted and polished. The whole process takes 6-12 months from order to completion.

Trip2 1

Pictured: Complete car without external frame

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