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Free Digital Skills Courses For Businesses and Employees!

What is “In Work Skills”?


As part of the Government’s drive to plug key skills gaps, they have launched the new “In Work Skills” project. An initiative that will help thousands of working adults rapidly upskill or retrain in STEM sectors.


At SAWIoT we have worked closely with our employer partners to ensure the courses (pitched at Level 4) address particular skills gaps and roles in the digital sector.


The courses are completely FREE to both the individual and the employer, meaning employees from both large and SME businesses can gain in-demand new skills or retrain – opening the door for progression on to higher skilled, higher paid jobs.


By supporting their employees with this training, businesses will benefit from a more engaged and effective workforce who have the essential skills needed to respond to the rapid developments in the digital sector.

What FREE courses are offered at SAWIoT?


  • Agile Methodology

  • Cloud Management

  • Cyber Security

  • Data Analysis

  • Dev Ops


Although they are not specifically accredited, these modules do have recognised knowledge, skills and behaviours associated with working in the digital industry. The course content is pitched at Level 4 and provide a useful introduction to the subject. They are closely related to the full modules offered in our foundation degrees which are accredited by the University of Gloucestershire and are cross referenced to several apprenticeship standards such as Data Analyst, Cyber Security Technologist and Dev Op’s Engineer. 


Courses are taught online, by industry experts and can be studied either individually or as a combined course.


Stand-alone modules are 8 weeks in duration and combined courses will be 12 weeks. 


Study is one evening per week with mandatory lectures of 2 hours and some additional tutorial time. Other day and evening options available. Email for more information.


Where required Saturday workshops are included in the programme schedule. 

Who can access these free courses?


Do I need a qual at level 3 to access training?   Answer No, but you do need to be working in a job role that currently uses some of the skills and you're ready to develop/increase skills

Any adult aged 19+, preferably already working in a related industry or role. Individuals can apply or employers can put forward a group of employees.

Progression Opportunities


Being so closely aligned to the content of our Level 4 foundation degrees and apprenticeships, these introductory courses provide an overview of possible study options at this higher level. Individual advice and guidance is provided to each participant to support their further study across a range of digital options.

Take a look at the apprenticeships and foundation degrees available

How to apply?

Complete an application online

We will then need to contact your line manager for confirmation that they support your application and that the course selected supports the day-to-day tasks and future development of your role.


For further information:

07879 518677

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