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Electrical / Electronic Technical Support Engineer

Level: 6

Delivery Method: Degree Apprenticeship

Typical Duration/length of course:  5-6 Years but can be reduced if candidate has previous relevant experience or partly qualified. Or a progression route from an Advanced Apprenticeship.

Fees: POA

Entry Requirements: Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships.


In order to optimise success candidates will typically have 5 GCSE's at Grade C or above, including Mathematics, English and a Science, Technology or Engineering related subject, as well as A Levels at grade C or above in both a Mathematical based subject and a Science, Technology, Engineering or additional Mathematics related subject, or 90+ credits in an Engineering BTEC at level 3.

Course Code: APPETSL6



Course Overview:

The apprentice will initially complete a Foundation Degree which would provide the foundation stage of the knowledge elements in the competence qualification. It will support the fundamental scientific and mathematical principles that equip apprentices with the understanding required to operate effectively and efficiently at high level within this sector.


As a core the engineer needs to cover around 960 academic Guided Learning Hours, in order to have a solid grasp of;   Mathematics and science for engineers, Materials and manufacture,3D Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering, How to undertake and apply business-led projects

Understanding actuators and sensors, Electrical and electronic principles and electronic devices and applications, Product improvement and engineering project management, Digital electronics and microprocessors.


For the Development Phase the apprentice will build on their foundation knowledge by completing a BSc (Hons) or BEng (Hons) in Engineering. Here they will expand their understanding to a higher level and work through specialised modules for this role.


This standard has been designed to meet the professional standards of the Engineering Council for initial registration as an Engineering Technician (Eng Tech) in partnership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Further professional development and registration is subject to candidates successfully completing the appropriate learning, developing the appropriate competence, and undergoing professional review.


  • Electrician

  • Electrical engineer

  • Technical support engineer

  • Electronic technical support engineer

  • Electrical support engineer

  • Support engineer

  • Technical support engineer

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