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DevOps Engineer

Level: 4

Delivery Method: Apprenticeship

Typical Duration/length of course: 12-24 Months

Fees: POA

Entry Requirements: Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include A levels; a level 3 apprenticeship or other relevant qualification; relevant experience and/or an aptitude test with a focus on functional maths

Course Code: APPDOEL4

UCAS Code: NA 


Course Overview:

DevOps is a philosophy and way of working that brings together two historically disparate parts of the IT organisation, namely those who develop the software and those who are then required to support it in the live environment.  The DevOps Engineer encapsulates both disciplines, requiring the individual to understand and appreciate how their code functions when being used in the real world and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, while taking a cloud-infrastructure focused perspective.  


This means taking responsibility for all aspects of the development and operations process - the design, build, test, implement, release and continual iteration of products.  Utilizing the advantages of Cloud computing to enable infrastructure to be defined in code moves the operations side away from traditional system administrator roles which are focused on troubleshooting traditional infrastructure-as-hardware.  


The convergence of these two topics drives DevOps culture and ways of working and creates the need for the new role of DevOps Engineer that works within the delivery team. The DevOps Engineer applies all the DevOps culture and software engineering disciplines to codified infrastructure.


After completion you can progress onto a Higher Level Apprenticeship, or Foundation degree or HND in a relevant subject.


  • Automation Engineer

  • Build and Release Engineer

  • Deployment Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Infrastructure Engineer

  • Platform Engineer

  • Reliability Engineer

  • Site Reliability Engineer

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